Monaghan Management Corporation can help locate and evaluate agricultural properties of any size throughout the Rocky Mountain West.  We are not real estate brokers.  We work with clients to locate properties that will meet their specific needs or wishes, whether it is for production, recreation, or land conservation.  We save clients time by helping them find only those properties that potentially meet their needs.  Working on a fee basis, commission plays no part in how we locate and identify properties.


Monaghan Management Corporation works with persons or organizations who currently own or are interested in purchasing a ranch or farm property through assessing its condition or dealing with specific areas of concern.

  • Facilities Inventory, noting general condition and potential use of existing structures, including corrals.

  • Asset Analysis, including inventories and condition of equipment included in potential sale.

  • Infrastructure Report, noting location and condition of roads, fencing, wells, tanks, irrigation systems/methods and other ranch/farm infrastructure.

  • Current and Historic Use, including specific land uses (grazing, farming, conservation, stocking rates, domestic species present, and hunting/fishing).

  • Land Condition Report, focusing on range health, weed infestations, erosion concerns, wildlife concerns.

  • Land Use Options, including grazing, farming, recreation, fishing/hunting, suggest potential uses.

  • Financial Analysis, reviewing current financial information relating to the ranch/farm operation's productivity, crop yield, expense predictions.

  • Water Rights, including seniority, methods, augmentation requirements, and potential claims against the rights.

  • Public and Private Land Leases, including fees, seniority, leased land issues, access, stocking rates, water availability.

  • Land Exchanges, including needs, contracts with appropriate professionals, methods, and feasibility.

  • Access, including road conditions, easements, seasonable considerations, and maintenance issues.

  • Marketing, reviewing accessibility to markets and local marketing trends.


Monaghan Management Corporation
will work with farm/ranch owners at a variety of levels to help owners oversee their operations.  After an assessment of your goals, we undertake a complete analysis and inventory of available resources on the property, from soil types to buildings, and from water to wildlife.  We also can perform other inspections to provide recommendations to help achieve one's goals.

  • Monthly or Quarterly Financial Analysis, reviewing ranch books, expenses, and other financial matters in order to present assessment and recommendations to owner.

  • Bookkeeping and Budget Analysis, providing a full range of income, expenses, actual-to-budget analysis, budget preparation, income/expenses coding, and profit and loss reports.

  • Monthly or Quarterly Operations Analysis, reviewing operations, reviewing management plans, and making recommendations to owner.

  • Operations Management Planning, considering various management plans, grazing or farming options, stocking rates, range management options, employee/staff requirement, infrastructure needs and creating a strategic plan for the farm/ranch.

  • Property Management, overseeing farm/ranch operations, overseeing employee or staffing performance, financial reporting, analysis and regular recommendations to owner.

  • Professional Consultation Assistance, providing access to a wide and superb range of professionals including water and land attorneys, wildlife specialists, marketing specialists, soil conservation districts, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service, Cooperative Extension personnel, land exchange professionals, range management specialists, livestock specialists, hydrologists, and many others.

  • Marketing Assistance, providing help in identifying appropriate markets for livestock, commodities, or recreational offerings.

  • Ranch/Property Succession and Estate Planning, providing information and facilitating discussions on various options available to realize the long-term goals of property owners.

  • Employee/Staffing Assistance, assists property owner in locating, hiring, and retaining needed staff.  Could assist with developing appropriate compensation packages, including benefits.

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